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Everybody knows that osteopaths deal with backs. That’s true. But we do more than that. Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a vast range of medical conditions. It is based on the original principle set out by its founder, Andrew Taylor Still that:

health and wellbeing depend on the whole body working as a unit.

The skeleton, muscles, ligaments, nervous system, organs and connective tissues must work as one and or in conjunction with each other to work well.

Your osteopath will restore balance between these structures and how they function.

Osteopathy is a form of physical/manual therapy, so osteopaths use a highly skilled touch known as palpation, and will treat you by using many different techniques such as:

Manipulation –  to increase range of motion in joints stretching and massage to reduce tension in certain muscles, improving the blood and nerve supply to tissues as well as the drainage too.

This is all done to promote the body’s innate healing mechanisms. In some cases, your osteopath may give advice on posture and exercise, as well as nutritional and ergonomic advice to further improve health and prevent re-occurrence of your symptoms.

Essentially, our osteopaths seek to find the root cause of your symptom rather than just treating the symptom itself.

For more information on conditions we treat click on one of the following images.

What to expect at your first appointment?

Your practitioner will come and meet you in reception and take you to one of our consultation rooms. The first part of the session is tailored to establish what has caused you to come and see us. Your practitioner will carry out what is called a detailed case history in order to thoroughly understand what may be causing your pain injury or problem. This helps the US form a list of 1-3 possible diagnosis’. It is called a differential diagnosis. We will then do specific examination tests to narrow that list down to one working diagnosis.

Treatment will always be carried out at your first session if appropriate, but the most important part of the first session is establishing the cause and diagnosis so we can treat the problem more effectively, in the quickest time possible.

You will throughout your first session and certainly by the end understand 4 key things;

  1. The cause
  2. The diagnosis
  3. How long It will take to get better
  4. What treatment/intervention will get you better, in the quickest time possible.

At the end of the first treatment you will get your own tailor made ‘recommended action plan’, so you have a record of what’s been explained and discussed and how together; we get you better.

If you would like to book an appointment you can do so by clicking here or call us by dialling 0800 987 5336.

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