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Hip and Pelvis

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Hip and Pelvis


Pain can come from a tight, strained or overused muscle in the hip or from the joint itself. Pain in the hip can sometimes be the result of an injury, it can be referred from the back or related to the way you move, stand and/or use your hip.


Pain in the hip and pelvic region could be due to simple wear and tear as well as the more commonly know cause, arthritis. Whilst Osteopathy wont cure the effects of arthritis especially when severe/late stage it can be of benefit and ease symptoms by working on tight muscles and restrictions derived from altered mechanics as well as pelvic imbalances from leg length discprencies, which could be coming from lower down in the foot/ankle and or knee too.


This is where at Body balance we will look at you, the patient as a whole to establish the cause and work with you and your body to reduce your symptoms, by assessing the way the hip moves, strengthening and stretching the muscles, gently massaging the hip muscles and stretching the hip joint to reduce tension and improve the mobility and work on the secondary problems like backache and knee pain, treating you as a whole.