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Patrick Ryan

I first met Sean Walker with a shoulder problem which was very painful and lack of movement this caused loads of problems doing everyday things after every session the shoulder improved. It was a very damaged joint so took some time but Sean was amazing gave me exercises and stayed in contact as to how things were going. I can happily say the shoulder is amazing now. I went back when a knee injury reaccured he has been a rock when things got really bad always making time for me. His knowledge and skills are great but his friendlyness during the treatments made the appointments very pleasant even when it hurt. I would always recommend him to anyone and have done. May he succeed in his clinic.


Jeremy Hazlehurst

For years I’ve had a bad knee from playing sport and running, and a bad back from sleeping on my kids’ bedroom floors. For years I woke up every night with back pain, and was always sore on a morning. I had been to several physios, I’ve tried yoga and stretching but nothing had solved my problem. Sean worked miracles in one short session. He cracked my back and loosened some muscles, and since then I have had no back pain at all. I have slept properly for the first time in a decade. I feel more mobile, and have been able to run further and faster than I ever have before, with no problems. Sean is clearly very skilled, and he also has a very calm, approachable manner and he explains things to you, which a lot of health professionals don’t. I have already arranged to go back and see him again to continue my treatment, and he is my first port of call if I have injuries in future. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him.

Andrew Duffy

I visited body Balance after a recommendation from a close friend. The booking process was simple. Reception staff on the phone were very helpful. My low back was hurting and I had sciatica that was driving me nuts, making most of my daily routine a chore. After just one session with the Osteopath Sean, i felt instant improvement. I could actually drive and sit without pain for the first time in month. Bending to get my work bag off the floor didn’t give me any pains down my leg and no tingling in my toes! Sean gave me a recommended action plan which included some lifestyle changes and exercises to prevent the pain from returning. Amazing service and a really nice practitioner. Thanks Sean and Body Balance Clinic.

Christopher Pike

I have been suffering with a sore knee for what feels like forever (actually a few months). I saw a few physiotherapists and ended up with temporary relief, but no long term solution. Someone referred me to Sean and I have to say, it was excellent. Not only was Sean a personable and approachable person, he was also incredibly knowledgeable. He really tried to get to the route cause of the issue at hand and where it came from. A unique approach that enabled him to give me a very VERY specific treatment on the day AND specific sets of exercises to do outside of the clinic. Safe to say that my knee is feeling HEAPS better (it’s been a few weeks already) and I genuinely feel like the problem has gone! It is always difficult to find great therapists, in any discipline and I definitely count Sean as one of the best I have EVER visited. Not only WOULD I refer people to Sean, I already HAVE referred my partner and a business associate to him, both of whom had a similar experience to me and have themselves referred their friends to him. If you have any kind of issue at all, including anything you aren’t sure of, definitely go and see Sean, his approach to finding the route cause of the issue genuinely is unique and has definitely proved to me that it has lasting effects!

Alison Hills

I have suffered with problems to my back and shoulders for years. I have visited countless physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors etc over the years which have made pretty much zero difference. As a competitive ski racer who has a high level of fitness training, it is imperative that everything is in good working order! Sean has managed to release all those tight muscles within just a few sessions which has made a huge difference to my training. I would not hesitate to recommend him!

Joanna walker

Over the years I have had various aches and pains – from lower back ache, sciatica, tightness in my hip and a shoulder injury! Sean is always my first port of call – for the professional service he provides and the results he achieves! He has also provided me with some great exercises to do which have kept the issues at bay! I would highly recommend Sean, he is professional and friendly and makes his clients feel very comfortable, but most importantly he is a great osteopath and gets to the root cause of the problem very quickly. Worth every penny!


Just go ahead and book! Before I came to see Body Balance clinic, I was struggling with long term pain in my heel. It started as a burning sensation whenever I picked up something from the floor, but it got progressively worse and I found I was avoiding exercise because of it, and this in turn had a negative effect on my overall energy.

I went to Body Balance Osteopathy because I thought it might be to do with my spinal chord. The osteopath was Sean Walker – he quickly realised this was not the case, explained that it was probably to do with an historic change in activity, performed some quick tests and confirmed the cause. Then he gave me some exercises, explained in simple terms what we were trying to achieve and within a few days I became aware of an improvement and after a few weeks I was playing squash again and doing yoga, happy as.

That’s after one session – and it has tangibly improved my array of activity, and therefore my quality of life and I am extremely grateful for this – sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until you get it back. Also worth mentioning – Sean was like a conjurer during the session – his depth of understanding and sheer enthusiasm for what he does are much in evidence and very reassuring, but he wears it lightly and the session felt like a chat with an old friend.

Anyway – I now know osteopaths don’t just treat back pain.

Neil Kemp

I went to see Sean initially not because I had an issue, I needed to be able to work on my squat, and trying to squat lower and past my 90 degree knee bend limitation.

After a short while, Sean had successfully identified the cause of my squatting issue, being tight hip flexors and with some manipulation and followed through with some key exercises that were given, am well on my way to a lower squat !

Steve Clarke

I went there with pain in my shoulder and back and after Sean had worked on me I walked out feeling like a new person.