Pain in the shoulder is common and has a number of causes. The pain can come from the shoulder joint itself, from a direct trauma, fall or sprain for example. Often shoulder pain can actually be caused by problems with the upper back or neck, this is know as referred pain, where the cause or origin of the pain is felt elsewhere. Determining the root cause of the pain is fundamental in shoulder pain recovery.


How can Body Balance Help ?

Treatment approaches vary dependant on the cause. As it is common for the shoulder to just be the symptomatic location of pain, you may find that your osteopath focus’ on the cause away from site in areas mentioned like the neck and upper back. This is of course dependant on the nature of the injury.


If it is a rotator cuff problem or a frozen shoulder you may be given local soft tissue treatment as well as home loosening and strengthening exercises.


The joints in the upper back and neck may need to be loosened or mobilised with an array of techniques suited to every individual.

The way in which you use your shoulder will be assessed in detail to see if there are ways that the shoulder could be being affected by day to day tasks, such as working at computers or working overhead for long periods of time.


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