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Health & Nutrition

Being passionate about health at body balance isn't just reflected in our osteopathic work or helping people meet fitness targets and getting out of pain. It’s also about helping people to achieve their life goals and maintain them through correct health and nutrition choices which in our view are key to achieving total body balance.


We at body balance are true believers in that everything we do should be as pain free as possible allowing us all to live our lives how we want in order to maximise overall health and happiness. After all we know one thing and that is we have one life, so why not make the most of it?



Everything we do in life is not always down to a simple choice, but it is exactly that, a choice! It sounds crazy, but the fast paced world we live in has driven us to ignore the fundamental basics of being healthy.


At the same time It is not easy. Being healthy is a very personal issue and with the news and media today people are slowly becoming more ‘health-aware’. That doesn't necessarily have power to just change ones lifestyle though. We all know someone with a systemic disease yet still find it so easy to do exactly what that person or we did before be it; drinking too much, eating unhealthy foods and generally living a sedentary lifestyle.


"What Price Do You Place On Your Health”.

It is so common that we take an encouraging turn in our lifestyle choices but only AFTER  a bad event occured, or being told by the doctor our health is in danger. Why do we do this? Most of us take our health for granted. Most of us procrastinate to the point of disbelief about our health. Remember what we said about choices? Why do we make these choices? Its only after being pointed out that we stop and think.


"If you lose your health you have lost everything”

It is a simple and harsh reality but the great thing about the body is it’s ability to adapt and change when we as individuals take positive steps and make the RIGHT choices.


This information is often delivered in a much less direct way but at body balance we believe in being honest and realistic with our patients/clients.


So what is Healthy?

Being healthy can mean different things to different people. At body balance we say we are passionate about health and for us being healthy:


Does NOT  mean:

 • being skinny

 • being miserable

 • being able to run a marathon

 • having a six pack

 • denying yourself your favourite foods

 • skipping meals and eating small portions


DOES mean:

 • making positive choices

 • feeling good about ourselves

 • choosing to be diligent about the food choices one makes

 • enjoy being active

 • being proactive and planning the things we do

 • understanding that moderation really is the key

 • being positive every day


Making Good Food Choices

Most of lead very hectic lifestyles and consequently we make very little time to really think about

what we should be putting into our bodies.


Why Bother Eating Healthy Food:

This really is an important question and one that people often ask. The first thing to understand is that our bodies are made up of Billions of cells. These cells make up our eyes, heart, lungs, stomach, bones, muscles, etc. All these cells require very similar things namely proteins, vitamins, minerals, oxygen etc.


All the nutrients that our cells require to keep functioning well come from the food and drink that we consume. So it goes without saying if we eat junk then are cells do not get what they need and our bodies struggle to function well.


A great analogy is:

"Just imagine at age 18 we were given a brand new car and told that this was the only car that we would ever get, we would have this car until the day we died."


Would we treat that car the same way that most of us treat our bodies?

 • Would we forget to feed it

 • Drive it on empty

 • Put the lowest quality petrol, oil and parts in it

 • Wash it with chemicals that would harm the paintwork

 • Never service it.


The answer is obviously no!


So Why Do We Do This To Our Bodies?

The answer again lies in the price, the value that we place on our health!


Some simple tips on eating well.

It is very simple to start a regime of good food choices and whenever we work with people that are interested in helping themselves these are some basic recommendations:


 • Eat more Raw fruits and vegetables.

 • Eat organic, it has less harmful pesticides on it

 • If you are a meat eater then have fish or Chicken

 • Reduce red meat consumption and go lean

 • Reduce the intake of fast foods, they contain very little nutrition

 • Reduce the use of pre packed, tinned foods

 • Eat low glycaemic meals

 • Choose wholemeal breads and Pastas, try to only eat them after exercise

 • Eat New, Red or Sweet potatoes they are lower GI

 • Make sure you eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Don't skip meals

 • Drink plenty of water. Every cell in your body needs it!

 • Take the highest quality supplements. Anything else will not be effective.


To find out what we are using and why click here


For a more comprehensive, personal, tailor made assessment based on you as an individual we recommend our ‘True Health Assessment’.



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