Foot and Ankle

Foot and Ankle

Our feet are subject to a lot of pressure from carrying us on average more than 1 million steps in a year. Our feet have the complex task of guiding us through/up/down/across all sorts of different terrains and surfaces to allow us to move as freely as possible to get from A to B. Given the important but yet demanding task it would be easy for problems with the feet to start causing pain elsewhere as well as locally.


The foot is made up of many small bones and large strong ligaments and many small muscles and tendons. Whilst these support the foot and ankle despite being strong structures, stability is probably not as good as it could be, We've all rolled our ankle wearing those high heels or playing sport or even just stepping up or down a step.


You could stay that it all starts with the foot, and any imbalances in your foot or ankle can lead to problems locally, or elsewhere higher up in your body due to compensations say from something as simple as a small limp. Its not just from injury, any mechanical dysfunction can also alter the arches in our feet and lead to problems which are easily corrected with the aid of a small support or manipulation with some massage/soft tissue techniques.

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