Elbow, Wrist & Hand

Elbow, Wrist & Hand

Golfers/ Tennis Elbow: Regular elbow pain is not unique to tennis players or golfers as this condition is a type of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), however it is particularly prevalent in these two sports hence the common name association. Any work or sporting activity where the wrist has to be extended again and again may be susceptible to this type of injury.


The ergonomic demands placed upon the body by driving, occupational and recreational activities such as gardening are also of common causes in the development of these conditions. The condition can come on suddenly leaving the hand with weakened grip and causing pain with certain movements at the wrist joint or elbow.


At Body Balance your practitioner can help provide relief from these symptoms with simple; soft tissue stretches, joint mobilisation and specific exercises.


We are also able to offer advice on playing postures and ergonomic arrangements in the office, garden and in the car to minimise the chances of reoccurrence.


Tennis elbow injuries often respond particularly well to osteopathy. A treatment plan can be devised to reduce pain, aide recovery and to minimise the chance of the injury reoccurring.The wrist is made up of 8 small bones called the carpal bones which are held together by ligaments. Because of the amount of use the hand gets and the delicate nature of the wrist, this area can be sensitive to injury or damage through long term repetitive tasks.


Often when there are problems in the hand and wrist other parts of the body such as the shoulder, neck and back try to compensate. This in turn can lead to further problems in areas away from the root cause of the problem.

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